Top Ways To Make Money From Your Phone

You hold in your hand a computational powerhouse that makes the equipment used in the Apollo Lander look like a toy! There are so many things you can do with a cell phone today that the phone part of it’s functionality shrinks by comparison! Nevertheless, conducting meaningful phone calls is a solid mainstay of smooth business operation, it’s just that now, you can Skype, text, send pictures, voice messages,  you get it! There will always be industry jobs for people who can make cold calls to qualified leads and convert them into sold services or merchandise sales for their employer. Taking phone surveys is still a popular activity despite all the automated methods that have developed over the years to ask people questions via a voicemail or computer based system.

Now, how do I find such a job? It’s not that hard. they’re actively looking for you! The explosion of Internet marketing techniques has left a vacuum of materials needed to conduct online marketing. Thus, there are mom and pop ad agencies and writing services cropping up everywhere filling in the gap and that is to your advantage. Seek them out on message boards and other classifieds and you’ll be on the right track to making money right from your phone!

Big companies always seek feedback from customers about the quality of their services and merchandise. Conducting surveys using the power of your smart phone is a growing industry and you will  find many companies and organizations actively seeking help doing so. There are companies who also seek assurance that their products are appearing properly in the retail marketplace. For such assignments, you may be asked to visit specific stores, take pictures of the product on the display shelves, photograph the bar code, and provide them with an on the ground report on the staging of their brand.

GPS Updates
Have you ever used a GPS navigation system and discovered the roads had changed since the software was last updated? There are companies that recruit you to make the drive and check the territory with your smart phone, photographing road sides, landmarks, and other items of concern to travelers. Because there are so many people using so many smart phones every day, there is a constant barrage of new ideas springing up all the time with novel ways to make money from the phone.

Get Paid To Workout!
Did you think you could get paid to workout at the gym? You can! In order to provide an incentive to perform healthy physical exercise, you can punch in some pre-planned goals for your workout just prior to hitting the gym and then after you complete your workout, the app sends you a PayPal reward! If you’re wondering how that works, the app penalizes people who fail to live up to their predicted goals and that’s where the money comes from to pay those that fulfill their goals.

Get Paid To Shop
Ordinary shopping now offers the potential to make you money. There are certain brands and companies that will PayPal you a rebate when you sign up, purchase their products, and text them a picture of your receipt. There are more and more ways springing up everyday to let you make your phone pay you back! Now that you know such ways are available, they will become more noticeable to you when you see the offers online! Good luck and good hunting to you tracking them all down!