Top Sure Fire Ways to Land Job Security

Most of us want a secure job. We want to know that our position is long term and we won’t have to go through the job searching process after one or two years. So how do you make sure you secure your job? You have to make yourself irreplaceable. Of course, any position is replaceable, so the goal is to make yourself unneeded to ever be replaced. What isn’t broken doesn’t need to be fixed right? Here is the sure way to make positive that you lock your job in place.

Make sure you fulfill basic job expectations:
The basics in life are important. So make sure you always meet the basic job expectations of being punctual, dressing professionally and speaking/behaving professionally. While some don’t like to admit it, the way you dress, walk and talk are all a part of how you carry yourself. Carrying yourself in an appropriate manner matters in the professional world.

Update your skills and knowledge:
As companies grow, so do the times. Make sure you are always learning more. This means learning more and new skills that are relevant to your career. Technology is the main skill that is easy to fall behind in. Make sure you stay up to date with technology, this way you won’t be replaced with someone younger who knows the latest technology.

Speak out on new ideas and methods:
Don’t be afraid to recommend new ideas. Bosses like to see leadership and initiative. Maybe your ideas won’t always be accepted but don’t let that stop you. Offer your solutions to problems and find new potential ways to stay ahead of the game. You can simply speak up in meetings, one-on-one sessions or whenever possible. By offering your ideas, your boss is more likely to remember you and also notice that you want to take initiative in the business.

Don’t do the minimum:
While we are paid to do our job description, it definitely makes more of an impression if you do more than what is solely asked of you. Your job description sets the minimum for what it is expected of you, but if you want to stay on long term and get a higher position or receive a raise, you will be more noticed if you show you are a hard committed worker. Basically, this will make your name unforgettable.