Spending Time, Not Money

Frugal living means that you consciously spend your money in a wise way to save more. You want to build your wealth by saving on expenses while also not depriving yourself happiness. When you have time to spend whether with friends, loved ones, or work colleagues, you don’t necessarily have to put a dent on your finances. You can spend time and not money. This is a frugal tip that can help you reduce your expenses significantly, thereby increasing your savings and building wealth. Here is how you can spend your time and save money.

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Meet and Socialize at the Right Place
Instead of visiting a pub, restaurant, or cafe to have some snacks and drinks, why not meet by the park and have a picnic or some sort of fun games with friends or work colleagues. During this time, I will avoid spending money on unnecessary treats. I can come with my packed lunch from home. I will also have a great time while keeping the pockets sealed.

Enjoy Experiences Without Indulging in Them
Sometimes, I may just consider daydreaming, reading about a recipe I anticipate preparing, or a guidebook for a vacation I intend to take. When I imagine experiences without necessarily having them, I could be just as well, at least, if not better off. I can just imagine about the pleasures of a holiday trip, and that will give me more delight than probably the vacation itself. I know that all sounds corny, but I’m trying to use my imagination here!

Take Time to be With My Kids and Family
The busy schedules at work or business may leave limited time for me to be with my kids. Sometimes, I want to work more so that I make additional money. I want to push myself to the limit so that I build my business. In order to compensate for the time I’m with my family and try to make it happy, I’ll bring out the board games or spend time just watching a movie together. Take time and consider having weekend outings. Come home early when the kids are awake and spend time with them.

When I have time, I’ll spend it but I won’t indulge in activities that purely require me to drain my pockets. There are many activities we could do without having to spend a penny such as having a body massage at home with your partner, visiting a free art show or museum, and volunteering for some community work like street cleanup.