How the World of Medicine is a Business

The world of medicine is often characterized as being nothing but a business. There’s a lot of truth to this, and it manifests itself in a number of ways. In this guide we show you five ways why the world of medicine has turned into more of a business venture than a healing one.


No Money in Health


When you think about it the economics of health all point towards keeping people ill. Healthy people don’t give the industry any money, so there’s no value in keeping people healthy in the long-term. Instead, if people are constantly getting ill it leads to them having to pay more for treatment.


Simple mathematics demonstrate that doctors would rather you be sick than healthy.


The Cost of Treatment is Going Up


Every year the cost of treatment is going up. One example of this is the cost of insulin. The cost has increased many times over in the last ten years. The same trend has been spotted with a variety of different medicines, regardless of whether they’re critical or not.


The production costs aren’t increasing at the same rate, so why would the cost to patients need to increase at such a rate?


Medicine Ignores Many Natural Treatments


There are more treatments for lots of common ailments than you think. For example, many Palm Springs conventional lice removal services focus exclusively on using chemicals to remove lice. But more open-minded companies are looking towards how they can use natural treatments.


These natural treatments do work, but they cost a fraction of the price of their more widely used counterparts. And the same trend has been spotted throughout the rest of the industry.


More Doctors are Entering Private Practice


Doctors are increasingly turning towards private practice for the simple fact that there’s far more money to be made in that section of medicine. This was considered to be a rarity, but doctors are choosing more lucrative hospitals and practices over the needs of patients.


It demonstrates just how business-like the industry has become.


Some Doctors are Even Going Abroad


It’s not uncommon to see doctors training in the US only to practice abroad. The emerging markets of Mexico, Thailand, and India are popular destinations for low-cost medical treatment. Many of the doctors practicing there aren’t local doctors they’re American doctors who moved there for better job prospects.
And there’s a big market for them because these popular medical hotspots rely on doctors who speak good English. They also want Western doctors who understand the needs of Western patients.


Conclusion – Medicine is a Business


It sounds sad, but medicine is becoming more like a business than ever before. The costs are going up for treatment and the industry will purposely ignore affordable natural treatments because their profit margins will decrease. It’s worth considering more natural treatments for basic ailments going forward, if you want to reduce the costs of treatment.


What do you think is the most visible sign that the world of medicine is becoming more like a business?