Does Your Business Need An App

Mobile computing is a pretty fantastic thing. When you consider the computing power available in a smart phone, it dwarfs the fledgling personal computers that ushered in this era. Because smart phones have a variety of sensors along with capability of lighting (via the “flash” LED,) seeing (by virtue of the camera,) hearing (via the microphone,) along with gravimetric sensors (they determine the orientation of the phone in your hand and adjust the screen,) and finally a magnetometer that evaluates magnetic fluctuations along with cardinal direction from the Earth’s magnetic field. Combined with the triangulation available from satellites and cell tower usage, many more possibilities are available. I have the free apps from Bank of America and Wells Fargo on my phones. They’re very useful for checking your balance over the phone and you can even make bank deposits by snapping pictures of checks.

How are all the functions available in a smart phone able to help your clients advantage your business? The most important thing you have that connects you to your clients and potential clients is communication. This axiom is true throughout the entire gamete of business form factors. If your business requires you to get information from your customer to properly evaluate them and serve them, then an app might be just right for you! Don’t begin by worrying about the technical hurdles you might have to jump over to get there. If the business of creating an app is going to help your business flourish, that’s all you need to know to start. It could be as simple as automating the filling out of a business form that the client can perform on the run with their phone, as opposed to making them come into your office or using snail mail.

There are so many kinds of businesses and so much versatility in smart phones that it becomes hard to advise you in a generalized way here, but perhaps we can talk about some specifics. Let’s start with the service industry. Making an appointment that works both for you and the person needing service requires a time when you are both available. With properly designed apps, the exchange of information can take place in a more efficient way at the convenience of you both.

If you are a landscaper, you could have an app that let’s the property owner walk his property and identify specific locations he wants managed differently without the need for you to actually be there! If you are an interior designer, an app that let’s your client capture photo’s from their phone in the areas that need attention can provide you with a great head’s-up on what you need to deal with and what you might suggest to the client.  Medical health record keeping is not just the rage anymore, it’s mandatory under Obamacare. Letting your patients perform the data entry on their own can have great advantages!

Don’t let the information era perplex you. Instead, use it to your advantage!