My name is Mark Sanders and I am beginning my journey to a million and more. Most would think making their first million is a huge undertaking, but why not just go and aim for 20 Million! After working my life away at dead end jobs, I finally gained the courage to step out on my own to make a change for my family and myself. I can’t describe how much stress has followed, but the reward of knowing I am trying and truly living my life is worth it all.

I created this blog as a journal for this next chapter of my life. To share the trials and errors, the struggles and successes, and to possibly inspire others to take a step out into a more financially independent world. I am in no way an expert, so please take everything I say on here as trial of my own. This is my own path that I have decided to share with you all, so enjoy walking this new adventure with me as I hold nothing back and share everything.