10 Cheap Home Upgrades to Save Me Money

With all of these adventures in my life with my finances, I’ve come to a block in the road with fixing up my house. The time has come to face the issues, time to do some home improvements, and while it may cost me to make the upgrades, there are cheaper ways I was thinking of to spruce up the look of the house and give it an improved look. In case you are seeking ways to enhance the look and value of your home without putting a dent on finances, here is how I am planning on doing it. And let me just add that I am in no way an expert on home improvements or interior design, but sometimes you just gotta go for it with a little DIY. Heck, I might even like the work and turn it into a money maker! Can you tell I’ve been watching a lot of those home improvement shows..

Repaint the Rooms
I can give the rooms a new feeling and appearance by repainting them. The dull, washed out walls will come out brilliantly thereby improving my home without spending too much. That’s how a coat of paint can rearrange the feel and reality in my house.

Repaint Old Flooring
Old flooring may be losing its curb appeal meaning that you may want to give it a new improved appearance by having it repainted. For example, a burgundy red floor that does not give you that fresh and energetic expression and personality may need to be changed by refinishing using something like a light checked pattern including beige and white.

Create Shades and Interior Shutters (Difficult)
You can add some value into your home by creating shades and shutters. The sunlight penetrating through windows not only causes surfaces and items to fade but it’s also an annoying distraction. Your neighbors are likely to look into your rooms due to the lighting that is brought about by sunlight. Installing shades may foil the prying eyes of neighbors while wood shutters may do even better.


Give the Cabinets a New Finish
The dark cabinets in your kitchen are making the space feel like a cave. This is because all the light is being sucked by the dull cabinets. You can create a makeover of the cabinets without necessarily having to replace anything. Just clean them and apply some new paint to change the appearance of the cabinets. I’ve been watching a lot of HGTV to get ideas for my cabinets!

A Face-Lift to Appliances
When the kitchen appliances are not matching, you can do some face-lifting to bring out interesting looks. You can fit the dishwasher with a new face panel to harmonize the look of the kitchen. A cohesive-looking kitchen can make a big difference in sprucing up the appearance of the space.

Buffing Up the Bathroom
Bathrooms are important spaces just like the kitchen, and they need an update too. Doing simple things like fitting in a new toilet seat can enhance their look. In case the floor is old and discolored, you may consider fitting vinyl tiles.

Cleaning the Carpets
Giving your carpet a professional cleanup is an inexpensive way of making the rooms look cleaner. You can place area rugs in case, the carpet has seriously worn spots.

Replace Boring Recessed Lights
Changing the lights in rooms may improve the look of the home. You can replace the recessed lights in living and dining spaces with eye-catching chandelier lights.

Fit a Bathroom Vent Fan
You can prevent the growth of molds by fitting bathroom vent fans. They will help eliminate fogging up of windows and steamy mirrors. The venting fans will reduce moisture-related problems including growth of molds and mildew, or decay.

Get a Programmable Thermostat
I was thinking about upgrading to a programmable thermostat, to save money in the long run with its efficiency. You can go digital by buying an automatic thermostat that allows you to set temperatures. This can save you some bucks by enhancing the efficiency of your heating and cooling system.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money in order to increase curb appeal and aesthetic value of your home. These simple home improvements can really transform the feel and look of the home while keeping the cost at minimal.